WRO Categories:

At WRO we offer challenging competitions for everyone in the age from 6 up to 25. We have five competition categories, with their own characteristics and challenges: 
Each season the challenges and theme for the Regular and Open Category are developed together with the country that hosts the International Final. The WRO Football rules and the Advanced Robotics Challenge game are designed together with experts in our community. For all specific rules and regulations refer to the General Rules for each Category! 

Overview of all WRO Categories





 Max. 10

Elementary: Max.12
Junior: 13 - 15
Senior: 16 - 19


 Only LEGO 

Only LEGO® + HiTechnic Color Sensor


 Free Choice

Free Choice

Maximum size

 Max. 25 x 25 x 25 cm

Max. 25 x 25 x 25 cm


 Game table designed for the little   ones

Surprise Rule and assembly of the robot on competition day

At WRO since



(*) Please note: There is no competition at the International Final for the WeDo age group.

(**) Teams at WRO International Final have the option to win the LEGO Education creativity award if they mainly use NXT / EV3 (LEGO) controllers.


In addition to the seasonal game rules for our different challenges we have a set of "General Rules" for each WRO Category. These tell you everything you need to know about participating in a WRO competition. The General Rules for each Category state what is permitted and what is not permitted in the WRO competition, they can be updated for a new season. If you participate in the competition you should read the latest version of the General Rules to avoid problems.

we expect all teams and coaches participating in the competition to respect the WRO Ethics Code.

Qualifications for the International Final

Table of Eligibility (TOE) WRO 2020

Only teams that participated in a national competition in one of our member countries can qualify for the international final. The WRO Table of Eligibility (TOE) defines how many teams a WRO National Organizer can register for the international final.

  • The number of teams a National Organizer may send to the international final depends on the number of teams in the national competition.
  • Each competition category has its own TOE. For Regular Category we have 3 tables for the 3 age groups.
  • A country has to have minimum 5 teams in a competition category to register teams for the international WRO final for that category.
  • A team may participate in only one competition; Regular Category, Open Category, WRO Football or Advanced Robotics Challenge.
  • Any student may participate in one team only.
  • The numbers in the tables are maximum per age group and category and cannot be transferred from one age group or category to another. National Organizers may register fewer teams than allowed, but never more.
  • The WeDo age group is not offered at the International Final and does not add to the number of teams for the TOE.

  • New in 2020: We created 3 tables for Regular categories for each age group. This reflects the growth in the different age groups. An example:

  • 141 Regular Category Elementary teams in a country => allowed to send max. 2 Elementary teams for International Final
  • 77 Regular Category Junior teams in a country => allowed to send max. 1 Junior teams for International Final
  • 222 Regular Category Senior teams in a country => allowed to send max. 3 Senior teams for International Final 

    Qualification Regular Category Elementary

    Teams at national level Entries
    5-99  1
    100-199  2
    200+  3

    Qualification Regular Category Junior

    Teams at national level Entries
    5-99 1
    100-199 2
    200+ 3

    Qualification Regular Category Senior

    Teams at national level Entries
    5-99 1
    100-199 2

    WRO Ethics Code

    WRO Guiding Principles

    We are aware that a competition usually means that those involved are driven to win. This applies to team members, coaches, parents and even to countries. We feel there is nothing wrong with that, as long as the guiding principles of the competition remain intact.


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